Tourism Survey

Tourism Survey

Yukon Tourism Development Strategy

The Government of Yukon is committed to supporting a strong and growing tourism sector because we all benefit when the industry succeeds. We are working to develop a new Yukon Tourism Development Strategy to sustainably grow tourism in the territory.

This is an opportunity to share your experiences, hopes and suggestions about sustainably growing tourism in ways that support our economy, our communities and our environment. Your input will be used to help inform and influence the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy which will later guide action plans and future tourism related initiatives.

Laying the Foundation & Thinking Ahead
We understand there are numerous perspectives and experiences with tourism and a comprehensive strategy to sustainably grow tourism will need to consider all of them. Think about yourself as well as your neighbours, your community, colleagues or industry partners and answer the following questions.

In regards to sustainably growing tourism in Yukon, and regardless of whose responsibility it is:

To help us breakdown overall survey response data, can you please tell us:

Thank you for your participation!


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