We would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in both phases of this engagement process. This process included participants who attended 60 meetings held across the territory, participants who took part in online discussions and those who completed an online survey.

The period to submit feedback on the Yukon Financial Advisory Panel’s draft options has now closed. Yukoners interested in learning about the results can review several documents developed based on the ongoing conversation, including an updated What we heard document as well as the final report from the Financial Advisory Panel. See Final Report here.

The Final Report

Yukon’s Financial Advisory Panel incorporated feedback from Yukoners as it prepared its final report for the Government of Yukon. Among its revisions in the final report, the Panel considered and expanded on topics heard regularly at its many meetings across the territory.

Notable additions and revisions following the engagement period includes added discussion around the size and growth of government, options around improving government efficiency, revisiting user fees, as well as exploring opportunities for transfer of program and service delivery to municipalities in some instances.

The Panel also broadened its review of Yukon’s royalty regime to include a comprehensive review of resource-sector policies and, where possible, brought forward possible changes to enhance government to government relationships and work towards reconciliation.

The options have been prepared, with consideration of the input received from the entire engagement process. The full report can be downloaded on the “documents” page.

Community Meetings Held

Haines Junction

September 12


September 18


September 27


September 13

Old Crow

September 20


September 28

Beaver Creek

September 14


September 21


October 2

Watson Lake

September 26


October 4

Pelly Crossing

September 18

Ross River

September 28

Marsh Lake

October 4


October 3rd and 5th

About this Project

Financial planning is more than dollars and cents. It’s about articulating a plan, a set of priorities and goals for the future and then aligning that with the available fiscal and financial tools and options.

The Government of Yukon assembled an independent Financial Advisory Panel to provide options for future financial planning. Yukoners were invited to provide their input and feedback into the Panel’s work so that the end result is rooted in the values and priorities of Yukoners and aligns with smart financial plans.

This project had two phases. The first early engagement phase occurred between June 14th and July 14th and took place primarily online. It focused on exploring what success of the Yukon government’s four priorities looks and feels like in action, as well as collecting input and feedback to serve as guiding principles for the development of the Panel’s financial planning options.

During the second phase, members of the Panel traveled to communities across the territory and met individually with First Nation governments, municipal governments and stakeholder organizations and held public meetings. The Panel presented its draft options and invited Yukoners to discuss the pros, cons, and trade-offs for the various alternatives. This conversation brought together the technical expertise of the Panel with the lived experience, future hopes, and aspirations of Yukoners.

We are grateful for your time: it was important that people and organizations participate in this engagement process because the Panel considered all public input as it developed its financial planning options.

What Can I Expect?

At the conclusion of this engagement, the Panel submitted a report containing its final options to the Government of Yukon. This report will inform future Yukon government financial planning and will support Yukon as it returns its finances to a healthy position while implementing its priorities in a sustainable manner.