Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 10:20

Discussion E - Improving Yukon government efficiency & effectiveness

These suggestions support the Yukon government in considering how to improve efficiency and effectiveness of its policies especially as they relate to the four categories of current priorities. It should be noted that much more analysis would be necessary to firm up specific recommendations.
Consideration Why do this?

Focus on evaluation of outcomes in government programs and services

Yukon government should, as rigorously as possible, assess the programs it delivers as well as the processes used to do so. Particular attention needs to be paid to policy outcomes rather than to the allocation of inputs that has historically been the bulk of the analysis in program evaluation.

Contracting out services and/or collaborating with other governments

The Territory should consider the potential benefits of either contracting out to or collaborating with other governments on the provision of such things as IT and analytics, on standard processing activities [e.g., payroll and standard HR services] and on common purchases [e.g., drugs, alcohol, hospital equipment]. The purpose would be to lower operating costs and some capital expenditures.

Improve efficiency of YG operations and programs

This would be the start or basis for possible “structural” changes in policy. The following are broad approaches for consideration: Internal operational changes such as:
  • upgrading skills of employees
  • capital investment in systems (IT or data analytics)
  • process/delivery and funding innovations
What do you think?
  • What pros, opportunities and benefits are associated with these options?
  • What cons, challenges and limitations are associated with these options?
Richard Provan
Department of Finance


Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 14:46
Some contracting out already occurs , look at the Federal employees pay system , outlines some accountability pitfalls . This is a good idea in today's era of social media , and the ease and comfort of electronic or cyber world we are getting comfortable with. But there needs to be a balance of costing vs. service based programs . Programs designed to meet the needs of some people still need to have the personal contact aspect to be fair. YG has a very good system of engagement and education and support network, to access for employees already ,it would be nice if every Yukoner had the opportunity to be supported this way regardless if employed in the private sector.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 14:48
Eliminate the Yukon Bonus for all part and full time YTG employees. Pass a new law allowing the government to open the presently existing YEU contract and order a 15% salary reduction for all YTG workers. Do the same for all Yukon Hospital Corporation employees.
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David Trick
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 14:49
The panel’s draft report quite reasonably refrains from proposing how expenditures could be reduced in each government department. But I would encourage the panel to comment on the absence of independent financial watchdogs in the Yukon, compared to those present in most provinces. There is no Yukon Auditor General. The Auditor General of Canada devotes modest resources to reviewing YG expenditures, and follow-up audits are rare. There is no Yukon Parliamentary Budget Officer. The research budgets of the Opposition parties are tiny. We are fortunate to have two good newspapers and a CBC News presence, but it is not possible for a few reporters to do extensive digging about program expenditures and effectiveness. I was pleased to see the Premier’s commitment in the Budget to strengthening the Department of Finance, including creating an evidence-based program evaluation unit. But internal reports will be easily ignored if a government (now or in future) finds it convenient to do so. The government needs to institutionalize a culture of scrutinizing programs to ensure value for money. Yukon should become a model of how a small jurisdiction can have an independent, transparent and nonpartisan program evaluation function.
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