World Café

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
17:00 à 19:30

Come join us in a World Café to help uncover our shared vision for French Language Services in the territory. This style of meeting is based on sharing ideas with different groups of individuals by moving between tables. This way, we can share and learn about different points of view.

We all have the knowledge, wisdom, experience and creativity to address challenges and solve day-to-day issues. These strengths are maximized when we work together and share ideas. We are better when we work together.

*This event will be held in French. If you would prefer to be involved in English in ways other than using the discussion board, contact us at or (867) 667-8970 to discuss other ways to provide your input.

***If you live outside of Whitehorse and would like to participate to this event, contact us at or (867) 667-8970 to discuss how we can best facilitate your participation.

Old Fire Hall
Whitehorse, YT